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Fathers are Parents Too
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FAPT is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Georgia. It is a grass-roots organization with chapters in many parts of the state. Meetings are held in most chapters on a monthly basis with programs covering many topics of interest. Local judges, state senators and representatives, lawyers, psychologists and other community, social an religious leaders have been guest speakers for these informative meetings. Members take part in the vital activities of the organization as chapter officers, committee members and state Board of Directors members. The organization promotes opportunities for each member to communicate effectively with their state representatives and to make a positive contribution to the democratic process.

Our Goals

* To foster societal recognition of a child's right to be guided, nurtured and supported emotionally, physically and financially by BOTH PARENTS regardless of the parents' marital status. Also to instill in parents the understanding that it is their responsibility to provide this support as the basis of a child's sense of security and self worth.

* To assist in the formation of a Family Court system, solidly based on the experience and compassion of TRAINED judges and FAIR laws. Such a court would provide fair and sensitive treatment of parents and their children involved in domestic relations confrontations.

* To promote the passage of laws to make mediation and arbitration the mandatory FIRST STEP in the resolution of domestic conflict.

* The adoption of an "INCOME SHARES" approach to child support determination. The approach begins with defining the financial level needed to provide for the physical needs of children and overlaying a percentage payment of that support by each parent based on relative incomes.

* To help define and codify the term "CHILD'S BEST INTEREST" to truly support the growth and development of happy, healthy children.

* The enforcement of "visitation" orders with emphasis on penalties equal to the enforcement consequences of payment of child support. Both parents should be held accountable for emotionally supporting children by free and complete access to their children.

* To make the rebuttable presumption of joint custody the primary option for child custody arrangements where both parents can show prior emotionally healthy interactions with the child.

* To provide moral support to members suffering as a result of impaired time with their children due to the outcome of divorce or the circumstances of unwed parenthood.

* The encouragement and political support of candidates for judgeships and other political offices who have shown an active support of equal rights for BOTH parents and their families.

* To be instrumental in changing the public awareness of the problems of families through education and interaction. To develop programs that can help the elimination of ignorance of public policies that interfere with basic parental rights. Illumination of communities about the problems caused by policies that, by their nature, destroy families.