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Fathers Are Parents Too
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New Legislature in GA to address Custody/Visitation Interference 
12th-Mar-2006 12:27 am
Kaiden age 2 Easter 2005
This is very exciting and will finally protect the visitation/parenting time rights of all parents.

Go to the link above and click on the PDF version to read the current version. This House Bill will protect visitation (parenting time) from interference. Under current law, if mommy decides that she doesn't want Susie to visit with daddy, she risks nothing unless the father spends 110s of 1000s of dollars to document with an attorney, petition and try for a change of custody. It's a gamble and mommy only usually receives a slap on the wrist. The new law would punish offenders for interfering with custody/visitation AND would fine the local law enforcement a minimum of $1000 if they do not report the offense to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This Bill has major teeth and some heads will spin and roll, should this Bill become Law. Predicted already: Mary Margaret Oliver, puller of many institutional strings, will cry wolf.

Visitation is such a loaded and ugly word that should be removed from domestic legal language. You visit distant family, old relatives, old friends and amusement parks. Individual parents, regardless of gender, actively nurture a child through parenting. How about ""Parenting time" as an alternative to "visitation"? Just another menthod for feminist social engineers have used language and law to set up the removal of men from the family.
13th-Mar-2006 05:20 am (UTC) - Already a Law

In GA, there already is a law that makes the offense of "interference of custody", which when a non-custodial parent (NCP) has "visitation", that period of time is when the NCP has custody. On the first offense, the interfering party is charged a fine and the penalties compound afterwards.

Why the new Bill? The current law has NOT TEETH. Many police staff have no idea the law exists. With the new law, the police would be fined for not reporting the offense to the GBI or for not enforcing it. As it stands now, many judges ignore it for fear of the backlash over throwing Custodial parents (mostly moms/women) in jail.

Gender bias against men does exist, though it's not as loudly exposed. Many many more men get arrested with no charges for simply falling behind on support. Women rarely receive any punishment for interfering with the father's custody time.

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