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Fathers Are Parents Too
LJ Community for Father's Rights
The War On Fathers 
17th-Jun-2006 06:25 pm
Yoda with lightsaber
"The War On Fathers"

Disclaimer: Sometimes ACFC is too right wing aligned, but the CAUSE of gender egalitarianism as it relates to children should not be ignored. Why is it okay for feminists to preach equal rights only when it's convenient for feminists? Correction: ifeminist supports TRUE gender egalitarianism. True equality under "just law".


I was a victim of gender bias and stereotyping this week. I actually "showed emotion" and got a little frustrated with my son's doctor. There is nothing in my son's diagnosis (possible misdiagnosis of "mild spectrum autism") that would prevent him from spending the night with me. She refused to sign an affadavit to address that because another doctor was tricked into signing an affadavit that mid-case is preventing my 3 year old from spending the night. I raised my voice a little and mentioned bringing my attorney in; I told them my rights were violated and I did not use a "sing songy" smiley voice.

When I left the office the door slammer behind me and I threw my papers into my car. NEVER did I make any threats, or even use cursing words. Never made a physical gesture. But because I was arguing with a female doctor, she (according to my ex) called my ex-wife and said I was there to visit (breach of confidentiality) and stormed out of the office. Advised her to call the police if I "show up at her house".

Can't a man get "upset" anymore without being "suspect"? Why is it that if a woman did the same thing, folks would just say she's "upset" or possibly being a "bitch". If A MAN get's upset, he all of the sudden becomes a dangerous suspect to be wary of. I am sick of having to act like a spineless smiley just so I don't appear too much the "aggressive male". Women have full license to be mad without reproach. Men don't.

Regarding overnights:
My son spent every night with me until his mother and I split July 2003 when he was barely one. Then he spent about half the week with me for another year. Then again for another year until I lost my apartment and moved in with a friend for 3 months Oct-Dec 2005 (large house, college professor who sings in the church choir... not a "scum".)
Well I got a condo at the end of December. we enjoyed ONE overnight visitation in January, which was also the last time I really spent time with my stepson from that same marriage.
ONE overnight from Oct 2005 until June 2006, or one overnight weekend in 9 months with a compliant and nurturing father. THAT is injustice and none of the people in the public service sector (teachers, doctors) cares one bit. For two months (Feb and March), I didn't even see him at all.

Please pray for me and my son and stepson. Most of all for their mother. I have no idea why she wants to be so righteous and uncaring.

I'm going to be watching the Alec Baldwin case too.
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